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How I Built Newzupp in 30 Hours

February 28, 2011 / Jigar Patel

Today, I deployed the tested and stable version of Newzupp on my Linode server. HN Post It is an online new aggregator, which aggregates and analyzes news/link/stories from various sites. [Digg, HackerNews, Reddit, Tweetmeme and Facebook as of now]. I built a similar site in last April using PHP + CodeIgniter, but since then I was thinking of migrating it to a site, where users with browsers/smartphones can share links, img/posts/archives or videos in real time. I chose Ruby on Rails and started coding, but dropped the idea because of time constraints.

Sometime during middle of last week, I thought of starting this project again, and so I did. I coded for an hour or two every day, with few more hours on weekends, and finished it off last night. This is the log of the entire process.

I started with a rough sketch of the main page [other pages look the same]. I did not want to invest time in making PSDs or wireframes, so I did a rough sketch with pen and paper. Here is how it looked.

Sketch Then I started collecting the data I had. I already had API methods for Digg and Reddit. I did some research on Tweetmeme API and Facebook API. Both are fairly simple and well documented. All of these took around 10 hours. I wanted to add HackerNews, but there was no official API. Then I found iHackerNews API [Awesome work by Ronnie Roller]. In an hour I had a ruby method for HackerNews integration. Next, I spent some time thinking the architecture. I did not want it to be too complex, but at the same time I wanted it to be extensible. Again, after wasting few pages and some ink, I finalized this data model.

Architecture I wasted a lot of time (around 4 hours) on this. Then I took a break of couple of days as I got busy with my day job project. Coding this entire stuff, partially documenting it and creating a github repo took another 7-8 hours. Deploying it took long, as I struggled with cron jobs + rvm. Found the soultion today morning and deployed the code right away.

This entire process of building the site from scratch took 30 hours in all (Including the time spent earlier on Digg and Reddit apis). I could have saved some time by 

  • Faster data modelling
  • Deploying it from day one, as updating the home page/apis is much faster on server than on my machine.
  • Researching about the tools used before starting (RVM + cron issues)

Using vim for coding saved a lot of time. Apart from vim, I used Chrome + Firefox for testing and designing, git for version control and MySQL query browser for handling database.

Other details -

  • Built using Ruby on Rails v3.0.5
  • Site is hosted on Linode 512. I will have to use caching in case traffic increases.
  • Source code is shared on Github.
  • The time 30 hours was distributed across several days.

Feel free to provide feedback/suggestions for improving code or site experience.

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