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Digg API with Ruby on Rails

October 12, 2010 / Jigar Patel

Digg is a social news site which made the concept of “digging” a story popular. This concept has been extrapolated to Retweets, Likes etc. If you binge on news, Digg is the site for you. They also have an extensive API which can be easily integrated with Ruby on Rails app. As with other APIs Digg offers data in json format.

I am mainly interested in fetching the data (for my pet project) from Digg instead of posting to it. (posting data to Digg is easy as well). Below is the code I use to fetch the top 20 hottest stories from Digg.

When you deserialize the json response, you get an array of stories. You can also specify offset (in form of timestamp) and limit to fetch more stories.


  • I have used this code in Rails 3 and it is working fine.
  • I have not used the new API of Digg v4. They are still supporting the old API and I hope they will revert back to older version in some time.
  • Do not forget to mention user agent.