Jigar Patel Driving fast in a slow lane!


April 14, 2010 / Jigar Patel


Welcome to my site. For those who do not know me [99.99999 % of the world], I am a coder [in making], a hardware tinkerer (rendered two computers useless) and a Linux enthusiast. I am currently working as an Information Security Consultant and learning Ruby on Rails in my free time.

I have developed an application in PHP, Newzupp, which was selected as “Mashup of The Day” for 12/04/10 by ProgrammableWeb. It simply pulls out popular stories from major social networks [Digg, Tweetmeme, Reddit, Delicious and Friendfeed] and ranks them according to their total popularity. By covering major social networks, it represents larger portion of net users. Hence Newzupp offers news in more democratic manner.

I am trying to develop a “No BS” and more meaningful information sharing network. I will be using this site to communicate my ideas and get feedback.